Pass a result value from one RQ to second Rq


So i have a soap RQ that gives me array of data.
Result Structure:
=> SUV
==> Toyota
==> Kia
==> Ford

all ==> has a ID with it. I need one of this ID to be passed to next Soap RQ.

Any idea how this can be done. Since i want to run all 2 RQ at once without manually feeding ID in second RQ.

Note, i am a newbie to both soap and postman.

Hey @PCHH, this can be done easily with the inbuilt XML parser. Since SOAP responses are XML, you can proceed as follows:

let response = pm.response.text(), // this provides the response body as text. In this case, XML
    body = xml2Json(response); // this converts XML to JSON

console.log(body); // this aids understanding

// now that body contains the JSON equivalent of the SOAP response, required keys can be fetched and saved as follows
pm.environment.set('id', body.<required property name>); // <required property name> will have to be replaced with the actual path of the ID in the nested JSON structure