Newman / Travis CI integration

Hi, I’ve never ran postman tests on a CI server. I just followed the steps on but never says anything at what to do with the server start and stop. The environment is the place to setup this?


Hey @juan.hualampa,

Welcome to the Postman community :wave:

Would you be able to expand on what you’re trying to do, what you have done so far please?

I’ve created a Github repo that has some very basic information around running Postman Collections with different CI systems, maybe some of the information in there can help?

Hi @ dannydainto. I have a node api that I want to test on travis with newman. I have exported the json generadted by the postman app and included into the repo where i´m working with github. My problem is that in the docs I didn´t found anything about the server start / stop to test with newman. Now in your example repos I see that the environment points the api to a heroku app. That said, I can deploy it and make it visible to newman on travis, but in that case I´m not testing the whole app, just the api tests, not the model (mocha) tests…

Maybe I can launch a process for the server start and then kill it when newman tests have finished.

Thanks for your help