Need help with badge submission

I’ve been notified after submitting for badge on 30 days of postman for developers.

All these three errors are based on persisting variable that is when I set the variable via script, It is set to the CURRENT VALUE, I assume the scripts are getting the values from INITIAL VALUE

Then I tried manually persisting the variable

As you can see this but when I manually persist the variable and fills it in the INITIAL VALUE it runs perfectly so I am assuming that is the reason it is failing when running automated tests.

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Have you tried submitting this Workspace via the sumbit form after making those changes?

I haven’t made any changes this is my code I submitted via form.
I am explaining the issue here.

As you can see from the above details. There is a need of persisting the variable without manual persisting.

Let me know if i am missing anything!

Edit: Isn’t my question clear?

If you submitted the Workspace before making the changes to persist the values, saw that in the result for those days were flagged, then make the changes locally - Without resubmitted the whole thing again, i’m not sure how you would have seen that it’s still an issue with the automation.

It looks like you have submitted again now it’s only Day 16 that’s failing for you - This is a different issue and nothing to do with variables.

You need to check the documentation and check the script syntax you’re using.

Ensure that you’re checking the solution is running locally and passing the tests in the submit request before submitting the whole workspace. It would save a lot of debugging time.

Lets have the convo about the persist later, since I have many doubts regarding them.

I wonder how you know about my resubmission and the Day 16 failing for me, of course you know still I’m wondering how(using my username or email if I’m not wrong).

Is this postman’s error using postman instead of pm in scripts?

I thought the postman.setNextRequest deprecated since it striked down. I sent with the striked line it accepts and passed.

Now I’ve got the badge and would like to Thank you @danny-dainton . I’ve seen many of your responses in community posts.

Would like to discuss more about the persist thing still I can’t understand it. Also I don’t know how those two tasks passed.

Will use Postman more and the community as well

I administer the badges and those courses, I have some internal debugging that allows me to help users with issues like this.

Your Workspace is also public so I can see the work you have within it.

That postman.setNextRequest() functionality is deprecated and shows a warning but it will still continue to work for at least 2 major versions.

The assertions expect something very specific to be in there, you were using pm.execution.setNextRequest() so that was causing the fail.

For the persist behaviour - For the value to be seen outside of your session it needs to be synced. That is done when a value is in the initial value of a variable.

If it’s only in the current value, no one apart from you can see that. It’s not exported and it’s not part of the response from the Postman API, which it used when checking your solution.

More information can be found on our learning center:

Yes I understood that postman.setNextRequest() will also work.

I can understand you have some access and since from your posts I can also able to see that you’ll see their workspace but everywhere else you ask for their link but I haven’t provided any but still you managed to find out, just asking!

I’m sorry if im asking too much, just curious.

I have to clarify many things regarding persist, I’ve raised a question explicitly for persist before still figuring out

Also I would like to mention If I fix something and save it and run the submit request sometimes it take time to reflect even after saving it. (I thought i need to mention this). The same I explained in detail here first question which explained the issue detailed.

That’s why i came to assume that when it runs scripts automatically for testing those solutions it won’t manually persist right so it might be that I thought - answer to this question

Will look into persist from the links you sent and I’ll create another topic if I still have any doubts.

Thanks for your responses @danny-dainton :slight_smile:

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