My Postman program is stoped

Suddenly, My Postman program is show infinity progress bar like that picture

Help Me :frowning:

@yyjasa Could you provide us more information to debug this issue? Please open the app’s DevTools via

  1. View > Developer > Show DevTools (Current View)
  2. View > Developer > Show DevTools (Shared)

and send us a screenshot of any errors you see there.

@yyjasa As mentioned above, please share the logs.

In case the app got updated and stopped working then you can try this:
Head over to the following link:

Scroll down to Troubleshooting Postman Updates* and try out the solution provided there?

From the moment you turn on the program
An error occurs.


@yyjasa Please repost the error. We are unable to view it.


Hello. I did repost

@yyjasa Looks like you had tried downgrading the app to v6.1.3 after the app updated to v6.2. Could you install the latest version of the app v6.2.3 from and let us know if you still face this issue?

Thank you, :grinning:
v6.2.3 after download
I Done