Monitoring: Data issue during Parallel Execution between 2 Regions

*My question
Incorrect Results Returned due to Monitoring Job running parallel between 2 Regions ( US and Asia).

Details (like screenshots):
When I check my console Log on Errors/Failures after the Monitoring job has run, I see the assertion has failed in one region because it still holds data of the other region

  1. Create a new UserA.
  2. UserA creates a Post1 ( lets say postid returned: 123).
  3. UserB has to check if post Post1 created by user A is displayed. ( added an assertion here). Now this passes and works perfectly in Collection Runner.
    In Monitoring Job what happens is that since it’s running in parallel, the data created in Asia is reflection in US Region and it fails, this happens inconsistency hence giving wrong results.
    Expected postId is created in Asia Region and compared with the other one created in US Region:

How I found the problem:
I checked the logs in both the regions:
The 2 postId’s are created during the monitoring run, since its run parallelly , I see the data is mismatched.

I’ve already tried:
Selecting just one region and executing, Works fine ( with 1 Region)
Adding delay between the requests. ( no luck).