Monitor Collection- I ran Monitor collection manually couple of times and is 100% failed where the same collection works fine when ran through Postman/Newman

I got below errors in the console log all the time.Not sure if i’m missing anything over here.
My tests doesnt have neither global nor environment variables.
My collection contains around 10 post requests and the same i had used for Monitor to check the performance of the API’s

4 16:54:0 Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
5 16:54:07 Failed: Status code is 200
6 16:54:07 expected { Object (id, _details, …) } to have property ‘code’
7 16:54:07 Failed: Response time is less than 500ms
8 16:54:07 expected undefined to be a number or a date
9 16:54:07 Failed: Content-Type is present
10 16:54:07 expected response to have header with key ‘Content-Type’
11 16:54:07 Failed: Successful POST request
12 16:54:07 expected undefined to be one of [ 200, 201 ]
13 16:54:07 Failed: Response contains text - error
14 16:54:07 object tested must be an array, a map, an object, a set, a string, or a weakset, but undefined given


My guess here would be that there is a bit of a domino effect happening. The first call failure causes the other errors you are seeing in the console.

I believe the issue would be that you are running the Monitor that can only connect to publicly available resources and the end point you are trying to reach Error: connect ETIMEDOUT is not externally accessible?

Gotcha…thanks for the update….

No problem. Hopefully it helps.