Lost work - Postman Scratchpad disappeared along with my work; forced to login

My question

  1. Working within Postman in ‘scratchpad’ mode, not logged-in
  2. Using the inbuilt “run tests” system
  3. After some time of using this (weeks), I was then forced by Postman licencing to login, as the tests will refuse to run and the message “sign up or login” appears.
  4. On logging in I assumed that my previous work would be saved - it did not. After signing in and staying in scratchpad mode, there are no collections nor requests. My work is lost at this stage.

Why was my scratchpad work removed after I was forced to login ? More importantly - how do I recover it ?

How do I switch back to the previous “scratchpad mode”, as that seems to be impossible now. There are no options to change from Workspace to Scratchpad in any menu.