Live humans, machine learning with Box - on Twitch July 7 and 9

We have three sessions next week for your streaming pleasure - including an ADDITIONAL time slot for Office Hours.

Tuesday (July 7): additional time slot for Postman Office Hours. There will be no formal presentation. Log into Twitch to ask your questions, or just lurk in the background. Your questions drive these live sessions.

  • 10:00am BST / 2:30pm IST
  • 11:00am PT / 7:00pm BST

Thursday (July 9): Joyce learns how to snoop on her coworkers’ Box files using AI and ML, with Staff Developer Advocate at Box, Cristiano Betta.

  • 11:00am PT / 7:00pm BST

Follow GetPostman so you never miss an episode! :tv: We also share the recordings on YouTube. Check out the last stream:

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