June 17 - How to benefit from API Specifications with Strapi and Postman

In this webinar, Meenakshi Dhanani (that is I :smiley:) , Developer Advocate at Postman will dig into Strapi content types, OpenAPI specification, and the complete tool-chain that is capable of building mock servers and testing with Postman.

You’ll learn:

:white_check_mark: How do generate an API Spec with Strapi

:white_check_mark: Import and use your API spec on a testing tool like Postman

:white_check_mark: Workflows for better collaboration and API Mocking

:memo: Agenda

:black_small_square: A quick intro to Strapi and Collection Types
:black_small_square: API Spec generation and Mocking Demo
:black_small_square: Live Q&A and closing remarks

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Duration: 1 Hour

Registration Link


Bumping this up. A couple of hours to go :mantelpiece_clock: