JSONError: Unexpected token '<' at 1:1 <!DOCTYPE html> ^

Hello, I’m receiving this error when making requests to postman after using the dev server host for our project. However, the code still works when I’m using local environment.

Anyone can help?

Hey @rlalbario

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I suppect that the requests are returning a html page rather that a JSON response, which is causing your test to fail.

What’s the status code of the request? Is it going to the correct route?

There’s not a lot of information to go off here - I would recommend editing and updating the question with more contextual information and perhaps some screenshots of what you’re seeing.

You need remember that people can’t see what’s in front of you so over explaining the issue is always better. :grin:

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Hey @dannydainton

Thanks for answering.

I’m still waiting for my colleagues because it seems our code in our dev server is not updated (maybe this is also the reason why the url that they provide is not working) and we are waiting for it to deploy. I’ll let you know if I still experience this problem after deployment.