Integration tests failing in newman local setup

Hi, I am trying to set up newman on my local machine for contributing. I have cloned the repository and am checked out on the develop branch. Running npm test throws this error:

integration test failed:
{ name: 'AssertionFailure',
  message: 'should authenticate correctly',
  checksum: '9e33c774d7ccbf8836abc164c06bb66d',
  id: '878e9c6b-42d4-48bb-8a7d-2043a74261b0',
  timestamp: 1619943554100,
   { name: 'test\\integration\\hawk-auth-test',
     collectionJSON: 'test\\integration\\hawk-auth-test.postman_collection.json' } } { colors: true }
ERROR: Coverage for functions (30.57%) does not meet global threshold (35%)

Please help me so that these tests can pass. Thanks!