Installation of Postman 10

My question: Is there any way to get the last version 10 from the download page? When I download from: Download Postman | Get Started for Free I am getting version 9.31 which is the lastest and later when I launch it - it gives me a message to update to version 10 ? Is this version not available/paid or something?
I am not allowed to update the software on my laptop due to security policy, software is installed from tool which centrally manage all software on our laptops, so we need first download version 10 and add it to that tool.
Thanks in advance for help

Hi @spaceflight-cosmona8

Thanks, yes - I see the update notification … but I cannot do the update on my “office” laptop, because I do not have admin rights to install software (including updates). The only way to install software is via our centrally managed toll which does the installations on our laptops … but I need the 10.x version to be downloaded (as binary) and injected into that tool to roll out software to our 1K laptops. Any idea when the 10.x can be downloaded from the download page?

Could you just use the browser version?
As far as I am aware the browser version is V10.

If not, you would probably have to discuss it with support, I’m not aware of binaries being available.

Via browser it is version 9.x, how to contact the support?

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