Improving Postman Community Platform

Is there any way in which we can contribute to the Postman Community platform, by adding more features to it, and improving the UI.

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You can contribute to Discourse.


Hey @yashi12 ! I’m Hannah, the technical community manager here. It’s great to hear that you want to contribute to the Postman Community. What sort of improvements were you thinking? We always welcome suggestions.

Like @vdespa shared, we host this forum on Discourse, an open source discussion platform. Their “meta” discourse has a ton of information about features, upgrades, contributing, etc. I hang out there sometimes too :slight_smile:

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Hi, @hannah.neil, I was thinking of changes like what if we can automate removal of all of the GSoC related topics after the GSoC ends, so that we do not have huge database, which is of no further use, because oncle the GSoC ends, all of the ideas which get selected in it will be implemented and no one else would refer to those, even in future.
Similarly, there are many places where we can automate the unwanted data removal. Also improving the UI of the platform can create greater User Experience.


@vdespa Thankyou, for introducing me to discourse. I will look into it.

Interesting! I’m not against archiving event- or program-specific subcategories.

Sometimes those posts are helpful to reference later–for example, questions about the Hackathon are applicable to other situations too. But I can see how GSoC posts might not be necessary anymore. I’ll check in with the teammates who are running that program :slight_smile:

What sort of UI improvements? I really appreciate your feedback!

@hannah.neil , Thanks for replying! I am not that good at designing UI, but on using Postman Community Forum and other platforms I feel that Postman is much advanced, but when it comes to User Interface it could have been better.

Also, I think this platform has been purchased from Discourse, so is it possible to customize it according to our needs?

Hey @yashi12,
Firstly, it’s so nice that you want to contribute :clap: Really appreciate it.
For Discourse, there are a lot of plugins - plugin - Discourse Meta. I think @hannah.neil and the community would love to see some useful plugins that could help us improve the community experience. If you like or find a specific shortcoming a related plugin, you could always help us :handshake: