Import v5 collections/env to v10?

I just updated from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04. Now my old Postman v5 won’t start - reports a segmentation fault. So I installed v10 via snap. This works but I don’t have any of my old collections/environments. How can I import my v5 collections into v10, or more generally migrate all of my old v5 data/settings to v10?

I have looked through lots of posts about how to import data, but I can’t even find exactly which data I should try to import from my old v5 installation. I never explicitly exported anything from my old version so I don’t have a particular file to import. I tried importing several .ldb files from my .config/Postman/IndexedDB folder and some other promising-looking files but every file I try says: “Format not recognized”.

Thanks for any help!