Idea12 : Chatbot for AsyncAPI creators

Hello , this is Abhishek Mishra. Iam a sophomore pursuing in computer science and engineering from Bangalore , India.

I was looking through the ideas list and when i saw this particular idea of building a chatbot for automated document making , I was really fascinated with this idea. I have prior experience of working with chatbots and currently learning about NLP and Iam really interested on working on this project idea.

I have some ideas on how to get started with this project , so I just wanted to discuss some of the ideas I have got.


Thank you so much for writing in. @lukasz.gornicki @jibin.mathews @vinit.shahdeo please take this discussion forward

@abhishekmis40 sounds good. You choose the place for discussion. We can do it here. You can join our Slack or I can create a GitHub Issue for this idea. So what is your preference?

Thanks a lot , i have joined the slack invite