Idea 9: AsyncAPI Diff

Hi, this is Aayush Kumar Sahu, an undergraduate pursuing B.Tech in CSE from Noida, India. I recently came to know about AsyncAPI and I really like the idea behind AsyncAPI. I would love to contribute to this amazing organization under GSOC.

I would like to work on their AsyncAPI Diff project. Have some ideas on how to approach this project.

Link to the project: Compare two AsyncAPI specifications · Issue #2 · asyncapi/community · GitHub

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sounds good, welcome! let us remember to update this community with important decisions that we make, but the technical discussion on the Diff app, let it happen in the linked issue as then wider AsyncAPI community will have access to it

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I agree. Gonna start discussion on the issue soon.

Hey @lukasz.gornicki @vinit.shahdeo I have shared my project proposal with for review. It’s still a WIP but I feel like It’s ready for reviews. Thanks :smiley:

Please rename the file as per this GSoC 2021 Guidelines - #7 by Sharath_Iyengar


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