Idea 8: Duplications Discovery - Optimizer

Hello, I am Abir, third-year CS Student from Chandigarh University.

And currently a part-time Engineering Fellow at Major League Hacking.
Along with that, I am a Postman Student Expert and help students to leverage themselves with
API First Skills.

I was working on Idea 8: Duplications discovery - optimizer
I have a doubt,
Are we going to improve the duplications checker in async API parser here
(parser-js/utils.js at master · asyncapi/parser-js · GitHub)

Or creating a completely different repo for duplications discovery.

I feel the former approach will be a better option.
I am preparing my proposal for the same, need a bit of guidance.

@lukasz.gornicki @vinit.shahdeo

@imabp I believe this was already answered to you in our Slack, right?

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