Idea 13:Proposal for anyone interested to contact me for further cooperation

Edit: There is a discussion now on GitHub AsyncAPI Application simulation · Issue #19 · asyncapi/community · GitHub

Hello i am interested in participating in GSoC. I have experience with full stack development with M.E.R.N stack and i have noticed that manually testing api endpoints is very time consuming procedure and it is really difficult to simulate situations where thousands of users my be using your product. This is the reason idea 13 stood out for me, it would be nice anyone interested in learning node , docker, making and packaging npm libraries, making a user friendly cli to contact me on email or in this thread.

interesting article regarding the topic: Using Docker to manage and replicate test environments | Test Collab



Hi there :wave:

thanks for being interested with our idea and the GSoC.
I’d like to confirm one thing, as I’m not 100% sure. Do you want to participate as a student working on the solution or rather help out as mentor of the solution?

Also please have a look at this topic related to AsyncAPI ideas AsyncAPI Ideas - General information


i would like to participate as a student.

sound good. Jonas, the idea mentor just opened a GitHub issue for this idea, so feel free to join the discussion there AsyncAPI Application simulation · Issue #19 · asyncapi/community · GitHub

Hy @lukasz.gornicki , I want to participate as a mentor with the Postman organization. I was a GSoC participant in 2019 with Salesforce and I would love to mentor students. Currently, I am a Language Engineer at DeepSource. I look into the JavaScript ecosystem. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

@aggmoulik Hi, sorry for late response but I was waiting for the process to finish and when actual work kicks off. AsyncAPI organization is purely community-driven so we accept any kind of help and offer any kind of onboarding needed. In case you want to help just pick up the idea and join us in our discussions. I recommend joining our Slack