Idea 10: AsyncAPI Applications Relations Finder: Interested

This is Arjun Garg, am a sophomore pursuing B.Tech in CSE from Bangalore, India. I really loved the idea and concept of AsyncAPI organisation and would really love to contribute to this amazing organisation.

I would like to contribute on the AsynAPI Applications Relation Finder idea and am currently reading the documentation of AsyncAPI Spec so as to get a better understanding of it. Also have started working on flows on how to implement this idea.

Link to the Idea: AsyncAPI Applications Relations Finder · Issue #16 · asyncapi/community · GitHub

Just wanted to Introduce myself
Best Regards


Welcome Arjun. Good luck with preparation. We need to remember to update most important decisions here but the technical discussion on the solution will take place in linked GitHub issue

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Sure Sir, will keep updating you accordingly as asked. Thanks.

Hey, @lukasz.gornicki I have shared my draft proposal for review. Thanks!
Link for proposal:

@lukasz.gornicki request if you could look into this.
@vinit.shahdeo @jibin.mathews FYR


from my point of view proposal is ready for official submission, go ahead and good luck


Hy @Sharath_Iyengar @lukasz.gornicki I would love to mentor students. I have participated in GSoC’19 with Salesforce Organization.

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@aggmoulik you are more than welcome. Whole work, around relations finder, will be done openly and discussion is already started so feel free to join it → AsyncAPI Applications Relations Finder · Issue #16 · asyncapi/community · GitHub

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