I need help learning Postman for App contest

I just created an account for Postman. Am trying Postman for the first time.

How do I build App for this Contest.
Lets assume am working with php and mysql to build something like blog. how do I connect it or build it to postman.


Check out the Resources page for the hack. You have everything you need to get started.

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You can create a public workspace and a new collection. Next, you create request, save it and share :wink:
Postman is really user-friendly for common use

I’d say variables are your friend. There is some script that runs in the “prerequest script” and then after the call happens there is “test script” that runs which can parse the response. Using this technique you can chain calls together. For example the Slack Weather Bot will make a request for a location using the variables location and GeocodingAPIKey. Then its test will parse the json to do a pm.environment.set with the latlong info, Next it will use that latlong environment variable to get weather. That test will set the ‘temp’ environment variable with the temperature. The the prerequest for the Slack step will create a title. The example is here – Get Latitude and Longitude - Published Postman Templates

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