HTTP capture with Postman


My question is, can Postman be used to capture all HTTP traffic on a specific interface/port? I have a REST server and client both running on the same machine using the interface. I can use Wireshark to sniff the interface and see all the HTTP GETs and the responses from the API. Can Postman do this (without a proxy server)? Just want to sniff the HTTP traffic and see all the GETs/responses in Postman.


Hi @mdemers and welcome here :slight_smile:

You can do so using the interceptor. First step is to make sure that you have all the required software/extensions installed, you can refer to that post: Interceptor integration for Postman Native Apps

Then you can launch Postman and configure the interceptor as such to capture only the traffic on

Once this is all setup you will be able to see the requests in the History tab of the left-hand side panel in the Postman app:

Let us know if this worked!

Hi i just need some info related to the topic, can postman also capture the responses. As i see that only the requests are captured and not the responses.


Hi @wahed21,

You can toggle “Save responses” on and off at the top of the History panel. :slight_smile: