How to using number of iteration in json data file?

On the our project, we using jenkins + newman for autotests. Each jobs in jenkins has script for shell command, for example:
newman run ./RCATP-OAMBW/RCATP-OAMBW.postman_collection.json -e ./RCATP-OAMBW/Environment/CLM_DEV_Trunk.postman_environment.json -d ./RCATP-OAMBW/Data/Data_file.json
Data_file.json has more than one scenarios like this structure:
[ {first}, {second}, … ]
but if we want to run only one of this scenarios, we must to update data_file.json for set up necessary scenario, push this branch to git, update jenkins job with current branch name and after then we may run job.
This is so long way. Maybe there is a possibility to set up number of scenario in data file with using newman script?
For example, I want to use only “second” scenario in json data file
[ {first}, {second}, … ]
but the “first” should not run