How to send x number of requests

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I have request A and B. Both are x-www-form-urlencoded type requests. In response to request A, I will get referenceID which is a GUID. I use this referenceID in my request B. I wonder if I can send let’s say 100 requests for A and B in postman of course without sending request A and copying referenceID to the request B one by one 100 times :slight_smile: ?

Hey @kizildagcenk

This sounds like you’re wanting to chain requests together, taking the response from A and using that in B.

This can be achieved by adding a script in the first request’s Tests tab, to capture the value from the response as a variable. This variable can then be referenced in the second request using the {{...}} syntax.

A rough example of this could be:

The response body from the first request:

    "refId": "ABC123"

Script added to the Tests tab to capture the variable:

pm.globals.set('var_name', pm.response.json().refId)

Referencing the variable in the second request:{{var_name}}

There are various guides in our learning centre and also different video tutorials on our Youtube channel that show this process in practice, using examples.

thank you @dannydainton, I will check and let you know.

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