How to run Monitor on monthly basis

I am trying to have a POST request sent once monthly on the 1st of the month. I’m using the Sendgrid API to send a particular email every month on the 1st.

Can I use monitors to run this request monthly? I can only figure out how to do this weekly in the monitors UI. Thanks!

Hey @beefstu, welcome to the Postman Community!

You can set custom CRON patterns via the Postman API. You can have a look at the API documentation here.

Thanks @godfrzero! I have been able to update the cron value via a PUT call. However, when I try to input a monthly cron pattern, I get this error.

"error": {
    "name": "cronPatternNotAllowedError",
    "message": "The specified cron pattern is not allowed. Please check for the allowed schedules.",
    "details": {
        "pattern": "0 0 1 * *"