How to get the badge

I have finished all the exercises, what would be the next step to obtain the badge?

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@agustinpulido That’s great to hear! Kudos :bouquet:

Kindly copy the public link of your collection:

And send it to

You can expect your badge in two weeks time :blush:

I have completed the exercises and shared the link via given link 3 weeks ago. I have not received my badge yet!

The assignment of the badges is not an automatic process.

You’re submitting this collection link on a Google form which then has to be picked up by a human, checked and then a badge is assigned.

You are one of thousands of people submitting collections and as it’s a manual process, things just take time. You just have to be a bit patient, it will come to you.

Is there a specific job offer requiring you to have the badge or some other thing that’s waiting for you to present the badge to them?


Hi @Swarna_Krishnan!

Thanks for submitting your Postman Student Expert collection! I was able to verify that we have approved your collection and you should have received your badge on April 12, 2021. Can you please check to see if it ended up in your spam folder? We’ve had some issues of Badgr emails going into people’s spam folder. If you can not find it around 4/12/2021, please let me know and I’d be happy to resent it :slight_smile:

Hello @sean.keegan , thanks for approving my collection. But I have checked both spam and normal emails. I have not received any badge. Kindly resent it please…

Hi @Swarna_Krishnan, I have just submitted your badge again. You should have it in your email from Badgr. If you don’t see it in your regular inbox, please do check the spam folder. Thanks!


Thanks @sean.keegan. received my badge… :slight_smile:

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