How to generate xlsx file as testing data to be used in a test?

My question:
Hi i want to create dynamically an xlsx file in a test.
The xlsx file will be used in the test.
Is it prossible to create this type of file?
Thank you

HI @ps198478320,

One way to create a .xlsx file is to use google sheets API and add information by pushing data to sheets API.

This will store data in your google drive and sheets.

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Thank you @pranavdavar , i thought i can do with some code like in soapui using groovy and java library like poi. I don’t know very well Postman i was using soapui for automated test. I can’t use my google account at work.

In that case, there is one alternative to write data to file. Please check the below link.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

In this, you can have a CSV file created then later on that file can be converted to .xlsx format

Thank you for your answer, this solution for me is too complicated so i will use xlsx file already created manually and stored in a folder.