How to add description for JSON body

I can see the Query Parameters, Multipart Body or Formdata body have the option of add descriptions for the fields but not for the JSON body. Please support adding the JSON body description with a raw body type like following

   "name": "Gurkirat Singh", // User's first name
   "age": 22, // Age of the user
   "handle": "@tbhaxor" // Handle of the user

The above body can be interpreted by postman backend as the following

   { field: "name", type: "String", "description": "User's first name", value: "Gurkirat Singh" },
   { field: "age", type: "Number", "description": "Age of the user", value: 22 },
   { field: "handle", type: "String", "description": "Handle of the user", value: "@tbhaxor" }

Since the types of POJOs are inferrable, you can autocomplete it for the developers for their ease

That’s not a Postman limitation, that’s a limitation with JSON. The format doesn’t support comments. See: