How do Postman Workspaces affect Newman/Jenkins?

We’ve set up quite a few Newman tests that run from Jenkins. Using Newman requires the addition of a Collection Key (GUID) and an Environment Key (GUID).
With the introduction of Workspaces will this affect (negatively) the GUIDs that we have for our collections and Environments?
Will we need to reconfigure the way Newman works with the new Workspaces?
Should it be a seamless transition?

I am hesitant to move forward with the update to v6 until I have definitive answers that will assure me the update will not affect all of the testing we have already designed with Newman and Jenkins.


Are you using the Postman Pro API to fetch the collections? As far I could tell so far, the workspaces do not have an effect on Newman.

To me it looks more like a graphical thing for Postman that does not have an effect on how collections and environments are actually organised. But again, I might be wrong.

Yes, we use Postman Pro through a corporate account.
I too assume your assessment is correct, but I was looking for clarification from the Postman team before proceeding.


@Ciege Workspaces are just a way to organize collections and environments and they will not affect any existing workflow in an adverse way. We don’t have Workspace specific APIs yet but we will add them soon. For now, the existing API will work as it used to.

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Great, thanks for the information.