Help in understanding newman

Hello to the wonderful community. I’m Vinay and I wish to start contributing to Newman, but since this is my first time contributing to open source I’m having a hard time understanding the repo.
I will be very thankful if someone could guide me as to how I can proceed. I wish to know the entry and exit points of the program and the general flow of the application.

I tried debug run, but it just gives the result, and I want to know how exactly the control flows.
I apologize if I come out stupid, but I’m new to open source, and would really appreciate some help.


Hi Vinay, Warm welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Please don’t be sorry for rasing questions or help, we all are learning :slight_smile:

You can checkout this article to have a basic understanding of Newman and how to get started with it Newman_Basics

Hope it would be of use to you. If anything more you are expecting please reply back we are happy to help here.


Welcome to the Community, Vinay! Thanks for contributing to open source - and for choosing Newman for your first contributions.

We just started an Open Technologies channel today so I am moving your post to get the ball rolling. If you learn anything you’re excited about or have more questions, we’ll get you the right help over there!

P.S. There’s no such thing as a “stupid” question or coming off badly at all–we’re all learning together and it takes serious guts to ask these beginning questions sometimes.

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Can anyone please tell, if I have two collections and in first collection I am setting some of the global variables which are to be used in second collection then how can I do the same through newman, like in Postman App we just run first collection and then the second one and everything goes fine.

Hi @yashi12 - can you post this as a separate topic if you still need help?

@hannah.neil, thankyou for looking into it. But now this doubt has been resolved.

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