Help! I'm unable to drag a request from one folder to another

How can I drag requests from one folder to another?:

In order to keep my collection organized I need to be able to drag requests from one folder to another. This is something I was able to do in the past. I am not able to do it now. I don’t know what changed.

I found the problem when I tried to drag a request into a new folder. I’m not able to drag it to an existing folder either. Basically, I can’t drag anything.

I’ve tried different screen resolutions, verifying I have the latest update (v8.2.3) and switching color themes - someone suggested this on github.

I’m not using teams.

Hi @dmcpeek, Welcome to community :partying_face:

Sorry to hear about your issue.

Even I am using the same Postman version and I am able to drag and drop requests among folders/collections.

Can you share a video if possible? Also try restarting the app please. If not you can place a support request here.

Good morning,

Immediately after I wrote, I was able to start dragging requests around. I appreciate your prompt reply.

Thank you,

~ Doug