GSoC 2021 Guidelines

We @postman are super excited to be a ‘Mentor Organisation’ of GSoC 2021 and look forward to supporting all interested students to participate and contribute to our Open Source projects.

All our Open Source Projects are hosted here — Postman Inc. · GitHub
We also have AsyncAPI Initiative · GitHub as part of the Postman Team.

This post will be updated from time to time. So please keep an eye on it.

So let’s begin😎

This post covers the process, expectations and guidelines for any interested student so that we can guide, mentor in the best possible manner and most importantly review your community engagement which is a critical factor along with your project idea to be selected from our Organisation.

Before, any of you jump in and start contributing, here are a few documents from the GSoC Team which we advise every student to read through carefully and thoroughly

Section 7 of this document -
FAQ list — Frequently Asked Questions  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers
Timeline - Google Summer of Code 2021 Timeline  |  Google Developers

Primary channel for anything and everything GSoC related, ranging from

  1. Queries on issues you’re working or thinking about to take up
  2. Mentor advice on your project ideas [Google Drive document once there is enough clarity for easier collaboration and feedback – check project proposal details below]
  3. Helping out your friends to onboard and contribute and
  4. Finally even selection updates etc.

Before asking a question please check this How do I ask a good question? - Help Center - Stack Overflow

It outlines some of the best practices for asking a question if not all.

*Mentors are being onboarded and please wait for your query to be answered.

If you’re ready with your project idea post interactions and feedback from mentors, please follow the guide mentioned below:

We understand that before submitting your project onto the GSoC platform you might want our mentors to look at your pitch but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we will be able to review every application being submitted as we need to do that as part of selection process from the GSoC platform, but you should create a new discussion under ‘Ideas’ on Discussions · postmanlabs/gsoc · GitHub

[Project proposal review] Title

Either of the 2 works as per your preference:

  1. Link to the google drive document [Preferred] OR
  2. Details in the discussion itself

The details of the required preferred structure of proposal is covered at the bottom of the page in this link

*If you’re sharing a google drive document please add as a collaborator with editor permission.
**Please choose sharing permission carefully.


We understand you’re excited and want to discuss your ideas with our mentors and team, but requesting your patience as we are in due process of updating the details and onboarding mentors

EMAIL is our official address. Round the year this email is active and can be reached out for any queries. We are actively working on improving our engagement through this channel.

During the selection process
Emailing the mentor, any employee of Postman or is not going to facilitate a response unless it’s a process or an administrative issue you’re facing.

If you’re facing any such issues, please write to stating your concerns.

For everything else please stick to DISCOURSE

All our Open Source Projects are hosted here — Postman Inc. · GitHub

We also have AsyncAPI Initiative · GitHub as part of the Postman Team.

For more information, read here

We recommend taking up issues mentioned on our GitHub page and solve ones which excite you.

This achieves 2 things

  1. Community engagement and contribution
  2. Quality of code writing

Both of these are very important as part of the evaluation criteria for selection.

*Please don’t use PRs as an opportunity to introduce yourself or your project idea. The idea of this is purely your contribution in resolving the issue.

**You can mention all the issues you contributed to or tried raising PRs in your project proposal.

If you don’t receive any update on your PR post 48 hours of raising one, then please raise an issue with the details and link to the original PR on GitHub - postmanlabs/gsoc: Postman - Google Summer of Code and this will be escalated.

Repeat, please do this only after 48 hours of no response.

[PR request update] Title

— Link to the original PR

2 lines description if needed

Now, during the evaluation period, students can engage with mentors and the community but all communications follow the guidelines mentioned here —

Looking forward to a wonderful exchange of ideas, contributions and wishing all the best of luck to an amazing GSoC 2021✌🏻


Thanks for the update🙏
I am looking forward to learn and contribute to the Postman🙂

I am looking forward to contribute to postman, I have used postman when I was learning node.js and it made the process of API development, a lot simpler and easier. I wish to contribute to postman. I am interested in the idea “Newman Dashboard”. Can someone please guide me how to proceed?

@priyaraj17 please create a separate topic (issue).
Also do check this out – newman/ at develop · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub

Thank you so much for the most precise description. I personally used and loved products by Postman. inc and Is very Interested in looking forward to contributing towards the open-source and community initiatives by the company.

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UPDATE: Please name your project submission file in the following format <IdeaName_YourName_College>

Hi, I have prepared a proposal and given editor access to the official address. Here is the link-
@Sharath_Iyengar @meenakshi.dhanani Please do have a look. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing this. Please create a separate topic in GSoC - Postman to discuss and refine your idea(s) better.

Also, do check your email inbox


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Hey, I didn’t get one point, do we have to make a PR before submitting a proposal here?
If so, then do we have to implement what we are proposing first and then submit it in the form of proposal?

@omkaragrawal No but we do look at community contribution in addition to the project proposal. So, its not mandatory to showcase proof of implementation/ demo by raising a PR but to contribute to the community in general.

Hope this answers your query.


Can anyone please share the Proposal format of Postman, if it’s specifically present.

Please check the bottom of this page –