Greetings & Regards

Hey @Sharath_Iyengar @utkarsh.maheshwari @pranav-singhal !
It was great working with all of you and discussing various ideas.
I got to learn a lot.
Unfortunately I didn’t get a project with a Postman but I managed one with INCF.
So I’ll be participating in GSoC but not in the way we intended.:sweat_smile:
Congratulations to all the people who got selected with Postman.
I wish best of luck to you all.
Thanks a lot to the mentors again.
It was a pleasure connecting with you people…


@aviation-candidate-2 Congratulations and yes I see that you did get selected with INCF.
Have a wonderful GSoC with them but do stay in touch with the Postman community and look forward to continuous contribution however small to keep this engagement going.

GSoC is just one platform to contribute but Postman has and is community first. So, feel free to create topics here and solve issues by submitting PRs on github.

take care

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Thanks a lot for your wishes.
The engagement with Postman will go on and maybe our paths meet sometime in the future.
I still have a lot of open PRs there and the number will increase. :joy:
Best Wishes & Regards…

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Do raise an issue with PR links on gsoc project on our github page and will look into it