Google Summer of Code 2022 participation

Is Postman participating in Google Summer of Code - 2022?
If yes, then is there any idea list for the projects?

Hey @prayutsu,
Welcome to the community :wave:,
Postman will be participating in GSoC this year too. We haven’t released the idea list yet. But once we’ve finalized them, we will be sharing more details on the community forum. We’re at the first stage of this timeline as of now - Google Summer of Code 2022 Timeline  |  Google Developers

Meanwhile, you could check this out to get an idea of the projects we did last year - Our Postman Student Projects from Google Summer of Code 2021 | Postman Blog


Thanks, @meenakshi.dhanani, I have gone through the GSoC timeline. Until the idealist is announced, are there any starter issues to work on?
Also is there any chat group, where the idealist would be announced so that I will get notified when it is announced?

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Really I wanted to know the same. will you work with me in collaboration
email me if you really like coding. we can learn a lot from each other

Hey @cryosat-candidate-29, @prayutsu,
We’re in the phase of submitting our application as an organization. While we haven’t been accepted as an org yet for GSoC (until March 6), you can find this repository where we’ll be posting updates/ideas if any.


Hello Everyone, Myself Dhairya Bahl !! I am an open source enthusiast. I was a GSoC contributor in the year 2021 and I am willing to contribute to Postman this year under GSoC’22 but unfortunately I am unable to find any projects except Newman. That project is indeed amazing but I am trying to find more projects of postman community. Kindly point me in the right direction so that I can start contributing to postman.

I’ve also checked out the GSoC’22 Idealist to become a bit familiar with the postman projects but still I am finding it a bit difficult to start contributing to postman.

It would be amazing if someone can help me out.

@cryosat-candidate-29 @prayutsu Can you guys help me a bit ! I am also a fellow contributor.

Thanks and Regards ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested in postman too and really want to learn more about it. Want to talk to me and we can work something out

Ohh Yes ! Definitely ! Give me a day or two to explore postman myself and then we will look into it together if you don’t mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yesss sure buddy! I’m learning api and how postman works
Let’s talk on Tuesday
Send me a text on my mail if you don’t mind so i don’t lost your contact info

Nice ! I’ve been working with APIs from past 2 years. If you are new with APIs, then I will suggest you to learn about them and then try to write your own API in NodeJS or python or something else then you can try testing your own API on postman and you’ll learn a lot by doing this.

If you want, then we can talk over this. Rest I would suggest that we just continue our conversation in this forum itself coz it will help other contributors as well :wink:

Hello everyone ,
I want to confirm that is postman selected in GSoC 2022 or not ?

Hey @material-geoscienti8,
Unfortunately, Postman won’t be participating in GSoC 2022. But I’d suggest if you’re keen to contribute to the community, stick around on the forum :slight_smile:

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