Getting help with Postman training

If you’re working your way through a Postman training collection or workshop, this is the place to ask questions and post discussions. :school_satchel: :mortar_board:

If you have submitted a completed collection to receive certification, please allow the Postman team up to two weeks to process and award your badge.

Please check out the following guidelines before posting:

  • Check to see if your question has already been answered–use the search function at the top right. :mag:
  • If your question has not already been answered, create a new topic in the Training category only if it relates to a Postman training course, workshop, or collection. :white_check_mark:
  • Use a title that describes your problem, and include as much detail as you can, with screengrabs where possible, and steps you’ve already taken to try to solve the issue. :clipboard:

Note that we are not always able to provide complete answers because part of the training goal is for the trainee to carry out self-directed learning. If something has gone wrong with training content or Postman, we will do our best to address it as quickly as possible.

If you receive a badge for completing a training module–well done! You can share your badges all over the web, including on social media and LinkedIn. :trophy: :tada: :rocket: