Get order request in Galaxy testing and Automation collection sends a response in wrong json format

Hi Folks,

When I try the get order request in the Galaxy testing and Automation collection, the response I am getting is a invalid Json.

Found this error when tried to do a schema validation using the sample response, which gave the below error.

There was an error in evaluating the test script: JSONError: No value found for key orderId at 2:16 “orderId”: :1651083080, ^

so any idea how can I finish my test?

What value is saved in the {{orderId}};

This is the value 1652443072. It is retrieved form the response of the previous post request, from which it set as a global variable.

Just now run the request got the below response

As you can see the extra colon in the response, making it an invalid json. hence I cant do schema validation for the response. That’s my problem.

I think there might be a couple of things going on here…

There is a return character after your orderId variable, you can see this from the little arrow after the variable.

And your variable is also being used as the “key” not the “value”, I think this should look more like;


Thanks a lot. Changing the path variable in the request did the magic.
Really appreciate the help !