Get new access token

I’m very new to APIs and REST APIs. I have this project that will be using Yotpo’s API. Unfortunately, i dont know how to use the post and get methods. As I was looking on net, i came accross this postman app. Now my question is, for the POST method, where should I put the code inside the brackets in this site?

Also, for the Authorization Oath2, where can I get the Auth URL and Access Token URL of yotpo?

Hi @TimothyFigueroaYMA! You’ll want to check out our Authorization docs on this. Our Authorization helper tool allows you to copy/paste those values which will send them with your request. Regarding the second question, you’ll want to read through Yotpo’s Authentication docs or contact Yotpo’s support for assistance.

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Hi Claire,

Thanks for the reply.
I had solved the problem I encountered earlier. It looks like I just need
to download the windows app rather than using the chrome’s app. Could I
just send email here just in case I need support?


Yep you can post here (this thread or separately) for any issues with your project or API - really any “how-to” questions that come up. For app issues specific to Postman you can email us over at