GET method request are stored in App Connnect Enterprise(ACE) application but responses are not recorded

Hi Team,

We are using elastic search version: 8.3.3 to store the data using ACE application through MQ.

Scenario1: With POST method applications, Both request & responses are captured in ELK.

Scenario2: Using the application type: GET, Requests are captured but response data is not recorded.

For scenario2, I need your team support & it’s resolution.

Can you clarify what you mean regarding the GET request where you say the request is captured, but the response data is not recorded.

Does this mean that you are calling the request using Postman, you can see the request in your ELK logging, but no response is returned to Postman?

Does the Postman application report any kind of error, or logging, or anything of that nature?

Note that we can’t really provide support on your infrastructure, but I’d be willing to chat a little more to see where the problem might be coming from.