Galaxy Testing and Automation training

Hi Postman team,
I try to pass the Galaxy Testing and Automation training, but also faced an unclearly written guide to it…
Could you please paraphrase or explain what does it mean?
“First get the response array in a variable and write the length out to the console– Send and check the console:”?

Not really sure what to say here.

The tests tab has the steps you need to take detailed as comments.

The code for step 1 is written in the instructions, just under the parts you’ve underlined.

When you do get around to writing your code, I would recommend you follow that example of creating commented steps for your code before you write any code.

Have a look at the code, and then re-read the instructions and hopefully it should be come more clear.

It’s telling you that you need to define a variable based on an element from the response (in this case, the results element which happens to be an array).

The second part of the instruction is to then use the console log to display the length of the array.

If it hasn’t told you already in the training, the console log is your friend.

When you retrieve an element like this, my should always console log it in the first instance to ensure that its working correctly. (You can always comment this out or remove it later once you have it all working).

PS: You appear to have the console log and the response overlapping each other in your screenshot which may be causing some confusion.

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Thanks Mike!
Actually, what is confusing is the way the actions are described.
For example, if it is written “get and write out to the console” for me it means that I should write smth to the console exactly, but not use it as a display or a kind of this…

Any way, double thanks to you for this prompt and comprehensive answer
and give my bests to the “writer” of this training guide)


I don’t work for Postman, so hopefully some who does will read this.

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