Galaxy APIs 101 training Check progress issue

Hi all! I faced an issue during my final request in APIs 101 training.
I received a Test result error: Used variables | AssertionError: expected -1 to be above -1

I saw similar topics but don’t find an answer. And if the problem in the training program - may be new topics will cause attention.

I started APIs 101 training 3 times - and always had the same error at the final.

My variables are set to the Collection level.

Thanks in advance

I think this is a problem with the course and the change in how the submission is done.

Previously, you had to make the collection public, and I think its when the course was updated to include the private key method instead, it got broke.

I can submit the request to the old API and it produces slightly different JSON than when you submit it to the new API. Specifically, the new API brings back two apikey’s turning it into an array, breaking the test.

More details are here

Collection status: Used variables | AssertionError: expected -1 to be above -1 - Training - Postman

Perhaps this needs a support request raised?

Submit a request – Postman

Hey there! Please see my response in the other topic: