Galaxy API Adoption training

What is the rubbish that Galaxy API Adoption training!!!
Who wrote the guide - absolutely out of real interface!!!

Does anybody know where is it and how to proceed with this:

Dynamic examples

To make the response a little more interesting, we can use dynamic faker variables to generate random values whenever the example is generated. Back in the Get customer example, replace the value of the data > phrase property with {{$randomCatchPhrase}} so that it looks like this: "phrase": "{{$randomCatchPhrase}}",

When you start typing {{$random, you’ll see that there are lots of different random variables which you can use to make your docs and demos more dynamic. Save the example as before. Check out the docs again, following the link to the complete version to see how the different examples render–you can select them from the drop-down list."

Hey @iggyf

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

I’m not sure which training course you’re referencing to here (We have many different courses) - Could you provide the link that you have used, please?

In terms of the extract you posted, following the text you should be seeing something that this popup in the UI which gives you the list of dynamic variables available.

Hi Danny and thx for your support!
Yep, You’re absolutely right that it is possible to use the drop-down list of dynamic variables in Body.
But my question is who wrote the manual for the Galaxy API Adoption Training like this:
" Back in the Get customer example, replace the value of the data > phrase property with {{$randomCatchPhrase}} so that it looks like this: "phrase": "{{$randomCatchPhrase}}","?

If something doesn’t make sense or is unclear, it can be changed. :sweat_smile:

I’m not seeing any examples saved in the Collection, as stated in the previous, was that done first.

Without finding and looking through the course, I’m not sure what the previous steps are saying. Could you provide the link that you have used, please?

This is the link to “Galaxy API 101” what I started training but couldn’t complete because of it stopped working after the last Postman’s updates.

The another one “Galaxy API Adoption” has appeared instead of the first one, but I got stuck in it so as it’s a terrible guide - smth like a quest to understand what exactly is meaning…


Just as an instance please look at this fragment of the guide’s text:

And try to find it in the Postman…

There are plenty of such confusing places…


Hey @iggyf

After forking the Collection and going through the Galaxy APIs 101 training, I can now understand what you mean :grimacing:. I was only able to complete this, using the knowledge I have of Postman and knowing where certain things are in the UI.

What I think has happened is that Postman has been going through some UI tweaks recently with the addition of new request protocols, updated markdown editors, layout changes, etc. I also think that some of the stored variable keys are wrong and causing issues.

All of these changes have made some of the course material become slightly out of date. Not so much as it’s not passable but enough to absolutely confuse people.

I will take a look at this and get it updated, if you’re having issues…I’m sure others are too :cry:

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I am happy, that you’ve understood me and my notes would be useful for the Postman’s team.

Thank you so much for taking your time and best regards)

Hi Danny,
unfortunately I can’t pass this Galaxy API Adoption training , because some of reasons:

  • I accidentally have lost the last request as “Test collection” and absolutely has no idea how to retrieve it back. Could you like to hint how to do it?
  • Actually where I can find the initial all-in-one Galaxy API Adoption file with all requests in order to fork and pass it again?
  • I received the email where the issues I might fix are spotted:
    “Added dynamic variables to request body: expected -1 to be above -1
    Published workspace (included in Headers ‘workspace’ param): expected ‘’ to have a length above 0 but got 0”
    How to perceive this abrakadabra: “expected -1 to be above -1”?
  • How I can test myself all responses duly before submitting all for the completion, badge etc.?

Thx in advance,

Screenshot 2023-09-25 104421

Hey @iggyf

I think the Collection you’re referring too is this one:

I haven’t walked through the course yet to understand which issues you might face there. :cry:

From the errors you’re seeing in the email - It looks like you haven’t added at least 1 dynamic variable to one of the request bodies and you also haven’t added the workspace header to one of the request. Without looking through the documentation, I can’t tell you which requests that those need to be added too.

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