Galaxy API Adoption - 504 (Timeout) error with the GET method

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My question: How do I resolve the 504 error on Postman Desktop client?

Details (like screenshots): I am trying to start the Galaxy API Adoption training. Forked the collection to my own workspace and started with “Begin learning” GET method.
But I keep seeing the 504 error all the time.

Note: I also tried with Cloud and it seems to have different error.

How I found the problem: While running the Galaxy API Adoption on Postman Desktop client

I’ve already tried: Running this on Postman cloud and Desktop client.

@sgshashi Welcome to the Community :partying_face:

I see a similar query here.

Also I tried to run using cloud agent, and its working now :blush:

Can you please check again?

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Hey @bpricilla, It works now and thanks for helping me out :smiley:

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