FR Pasting raw curl from browser of graphql queries into postman

Love Postman first of all. Great tool.

I frequently use the import functionality of examining requests made in the browser. This funcationally works great from standard REST API Calls but I’m finding the support for graphql could be improved. When I paste a curl the raw body looks like this:


"operationName": "Login",

"variables": {

    "data": {

        "email": "foo",

        "password": "bar",

        "appMeta": {

            "appName": "customer-web-app",

            "appVersion": "v5.39.0",

            "browser": "Chrome - 88.0.4324.182",

            "deviceDimensions": "682x827",

            "deviceType": null,

            "deviceVendor": null,

            "operatingSystem": "Windows - 10"




"query": "mutation Login($data: loginInputu0021) {\n  login(data: $data) {\n    token\n    __typename\n  }\n}\n"


Would be really nice if during import the import functionally was smart enough or provided an option for our query parameters to be recognized as graphql. Perhaps inffering this is a lot to ask but perhaps a drop down could be provided in the summary screen to allow the user to select it is graphql and they would like at least query and variables put in their appropriate places in the graphql body. Seems like this could be pretty possible a save me and others time to reformatting what gets generated today.

Hi @mmcguff - could you raise this feature request on GitHub? Thanks!