Feedback - improvement ideas


I have been using Postman for some time. This tool is very effective, easy to learn.
However, I have some ideas so that the tool becomes even more user friendly. It’s up to you to tell me what you think.

  1. “Duplicate in” : there is an option allowing to duplicate a request “My request”, but the request will be directly duplicated in the original collection in “My request Copy”. It would be nice to have another option opening a panel and asking us to select in which collection to duplicate, and under which name. I know there is the “copy code” option, but then you have to go to import, copy as curl, save, …

  2. “Filters” : There is a filter, allowing to filter on the name of the collection and name of the created requests. It would be useful to use advanced filters, allowing filtering for example on:

  • the url of a request
  • the description of request/collection
  • a word or a string found in the “pre-request script” and “tests” parts
  • names of keys and / or values in the “Headers” and “Params” parts,
  1. Have a button to go directly to the link
    If the user is logged in, he can see new messages sent to him from the forum, like (thanks Paint) :

So much for the ideas that come to mind, I will continue to add if more come.

I await your feedback,

See you soon,