Feedback about PR 30 Days of Postman challenge

Hi all, first a have congratulatios Postman Team about the training - 30 Days of Postman challenge, it was amazing, I learned a lot of things. I finished a few days the challenge with all of the submit ok, and did a Pull Request but didn’t receive a feedback, I think that is hard to verify all of PR on “Day 30: Submit a pull request”, but I’m afraid if my PR is ok, someone have any ideia how long days to analyse about the Pull Request ?

workspace url: Postman
workspace id : c20696d8-f80b-4955-8cf8-f09d7baa109f
collection day 30 id: 12648893-37880f48-cc24-417a-a5af-98fcded700e3
collection day 30 url :

Hiya! Thanks, @gallaodev, appreciate all the feedback and questions. :smiley:
@joyce I’m sure would be super elated to receive this feedback

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