Equinix Metal API with Postman Live Stream

Hello community!

Tomorrow (March 10) on Twitch, Jeremy Tanner, Developer Advocate at Equinix Metal, will walk through the Equinix Metal API. Together we’ll explore the API using Postman and learn more about Postman along the way.

Join us tomorrow at 11am PT/1pm CT on Equinix Metal’s Twitch stream, especially if you want to know more about Postman and DevOps or chime in about Postman’s capabilities.

Hope to see you there :wave:


Greetings @hannah.neil - can you clarify if this stream will be about bare metal or bear metal? I am especially interested in the latter :bear:


We were planning on playing The Last Bear Ender - BEAR METAL (official video) - YouTube and rocking out but copyright concerns put the kibosh on that. I suppose we’ll have to focus on the intersection between bare metal and APIs…