Doubt installing and editing newman

Hello There👋,

My name is Mayank_MP5 and I am GSOC 2021 aspirant for postman labs I had seen the Idealist and respective projects on Github.At the start I didn’t get a clue about why someone wants to use the Newman tool in their project while they have such cool interface available in Postman app. Thanks to videos of Valentine Despa I got the concept of automation in API testing and why is it so important in CI tools like Jenkins.

I installed the Newman package through NPM and played with it and finally decided to look forward into

idea 1 - Single Req for Newman
idea 3 - Proper Dashboard for Reports

Enough of the Context my real question is about the problem that how can I use that code of NPM package like I want to play with the code part and I am installed that package locally so Will editing the code in local C:\Users\MAYANK\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\newman actually I had worked with web dev for the most of time but Lil noobie when it comes to this whole CLI thing

Thanks in Advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Mayank,

Installing newman from npm would install it in the internal directory, and even though changing the code in there would reflect, but that is not the correct way of development. You would want to use this Contributing Guide to understand how to make PRs for any contributions.

TLDR version of above link would be

  • fork the newman repo
  • create a feature branch from develop branch
  • make changes for your feature
  • debug on local using node ./bin/newman <command-name>
  • ensure tests are fine
  • raise a PR

Please reach out in case you have any more doubt.

Hope to see great PRs from you. :slight_smile:

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