Different 'Body' and 'Tests' according to my web server version

Hi ,
In the next web service version of my application , I’m changing the Json form between the client to server . According to that ,I need to change the ‘Body’ and ‘Tests’ sections in PostMan.
I don’t want to delete the previous tests because I’m still using the old web service version.
What is the best way to separate between the json forms in ‘Body’ section and ‘Tests’ section according to my server version ?
I need to open new work space , copy all my tests and do changes ?Maybe are there some labels that i can use ? or something in code : for ex: assign global variable ‘serverVesion’ and ask in ‘Body’ section :

If serverVesion is above XXX:
> Send JsonA
> Send JsonB

Hi @nir.y, Welcome to the community!

One way could be to have separate collections. If that is not possible.

You can use environment variables for url for your web services.

Then you may use the variable as a criteria in pre request scripts to change body of your request.