DevopsDays Madrid 2023

Hey everyone!

Devopsdays Madrid is happening again in Madrid! DevOpsDays is a global non-profit organization. This organization is made up of volunteers who are enthusiastic about the world of computing and we are organizing the conference as a way to share knowledge and spread our passion to other professionals. Specifically, DevOpsDays focuses on DevOps and Cloud computing. There are some talks related to APIs and Devops!

Being a non-profit organization, our philosophy fits very well with the academic world, since we are only motivated by the interest of sharing knowledge and strengthening the software community. So that this event can also serve as a bridge between the business world and the academic world.

The event is in-person and bilingual in English and Spanish since it is one of the events that has very good international speakers.

This is the 2020 video recap:

Feel free to get your ticket here

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Thanks for sharing @xavidop!

Excited to see how things turn out :rocket:

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