Day29-Webhooks. Json.response is undefined

I am getting Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘json’) on running POST echo and on triggering the webhooks getting Using “postman.setNextRequest” is deprecated. Use “pm.execution.setNextRequest()” instead.

I tried console.log(pm.response.text()) but the response is still undefined. Under the Header Tab Content-Type is application/json is already selected.

Let me know how to solve this issue.

Waiting for a positive response.

Hey @lunar-module-geosci9 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

That function would still work, you need to be aware that the function will only work in the context of the Collection Runner, it doesn’t work for single requests.

Can you share examples of what you have in place or the URL of the Public Workspace you’re using, please?

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