Day12:PostmanAPI-Failing 'get single environment'

When I submit, I am getting an assertion error for the ‘get single environment’ indicating the expect is not meeting 4 variables.

I had a look at the solution dated 16th May 2023 by Mike Jones (please see the screenshot below) but I’m still failing it. Could you please have a look what I’ve done wrong or missed a step? Much appreciated.

In that image, those environment vars have been added to the form data section of the request.

Those need to be in an environment file, as per the highlighted instructions.

Thanks for your response.

I did have the first three variables in my environment file. I didn’t include the variable environmentUid as the highlighted instructions indicate that it should be added in the submit request, not thinking it needed to be in the environment file. That was a little confusing.

I’ve added it to my environment file and I get a pass of 5/5.

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